Pick your boss, not the job

Scott D. Clary
4 min readApr 14, 2020

Pick your boss, not the job. How many times have you heard that? The person who you report to has enormous influence on your success, professional growth and happiness.

As a manager, someone charged the care of anothers’ career, you have the responsibility to act in their best interest, understand who they are and help them grow.

These are the most important things that you have to internalize and embody when you take on this incredible roll as a mentor and leader.

If you’re looking to succeed in your career, these are the things you should look for and mandate as non-negotiables with the next person you work for.

Below are the 11 things, the best bosses do.

1. A good boss earns your trust, but never asks for it.

Trust is a two way street, a good boss needs to earn your trust, and you have to prove that you won’t do anything to hurt their trust in you. Both managers and employees need to be honest, and open, accept responsibility and grow together.

2. A good boss understands you have a life.

As a manager, you’re still human. Get to know the people working for you and open up a bit of your own life to them. We all have issues and struggles, no-one expects you to go through life without them. Being vulnerable and open as well as modelling proper work/life behaviour by caring, but respecting balance is paramount as a manager.

3. A good boss listens first and acts second.

Jumping to conclusions has never done anyone any good. Everyone has something to add, and by listening, you can solve problems, conflicts and become aware of different opinions and ideas that may make your job easier and more efficient. Always engage and never discount ideas or sentiment from your team, regardless of your personal opinions.

4. A good boss helps employees find purpose in their job.

By being a good boss, you’re transparent and honest about the goals of the department and the company. By doing so, you keep your team focused, inspired and passionate.

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