Female leadership won against coronavirus

Scott D. Clary
2 min readApr 25, 2020

I was reading an incredible article by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox on Forbes.

It spoke about the response to the covid-19 pandemic by countries with strong female leadership.

This article is trending and for good reason, it highlights some very impressive stats.

If we compare these numbers on a global scale, they are remarkably impressive, even when accounting for population size and density.

The article is impressive but I wanted to add a few more notes on it (not to take away from the article in the first place… you should go read it.

But this highlights a theme that I’ve spoken about on some podcasts, in casual conversation and something I just generally believe to be true.

There are not enough women in leadership positions — that’s a huge problem.

We’re getting there but we’re not there yet.

But let’s discuss why this matters — not from an equality pov — which is important, but from an efficacy and practical point of vue.

Women approach things differently than men.

Not at everything, but at some things.

This is a good thing.

The diverse approach on management, leadership, decision making, reaction, communication are incredibly important in tangible outcome and results.

We’re seeing this now.

We’re seeing a non-ego, non-partisan driven approach to disaster mitigation and management.

This is a lesson for corporations everywhere.

We need to stop asking women to “act like men” to move into leadership positions. You see this in many political and corporate organizations. Something that Avivah highlighted in her article, but also something I’ve seen firsthand.

We’re seeing a real-time example of woman leadership winning the day, and the traits that differentiate women, when they own those traits in leadership positions, are proving to be exceptionally useful.

Especially, when shit hits the fan.

Scott D. Clary

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