Scott D. Clary
1 min readApr 20, 2020

Always tell people around you how grateful and appreciative you are of them.

It’s such a simple yet uplifting message.

Don’t wait until they do something for you or they’re sitting in your office during a quarterly or annual performance revue, say it everyday, whenever you get a chance and create a culture of support, recognition and positivity.

Out of money, success or job opportunity, feeling appreciated is one of the main career motivators.

Everything else can only go so far.

What’s appreciation?

  • Coffee
  • Recognition
  • A thank you at the end of an email
  • Acknowledgement
  • Asking how they are
  • Taking them for lunch
  • Additional responsibilities & opportunities

Take time out of your day and appreciate those who work with you.

It will be the best return on investment you’ll ever see.

Investing in culture & relationships = success.

Scott D. Clary

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